When you make the decision to team up with T. Ho Foods, you are making the decision to maximize your profit. In this case, the term profit does not simply refer to financial gain; it also embodies the idea of personal gain. By utilizing our services and our facility, you are not only increasing your earnings by decreasing your operating expenses, but you are also allowing yourself time and freedom to run your business.

We keep this promise by taking excessive labor and production cost out of your hands and placing them into ours. Our purchasing power among various resources allows us to keep our extensive inventory stocked at lower cost. This removes items in your inventory that may inefficiently increase overhead. We also reduce your labor cost by eliminating expenses such as employee training, liability and payroll.

Operating a successful restaurant involves several elements other than providing delicious entrees. Working with us enables you to devote more attention to these other aspects. We understand the importance that your product has on your company’s identity, as well as its reputation. When you out-source your most difficult and labor-intensive recipes, you will be confident that we will produce products that richly encompass your own style and flavors. With this confidence, you will find peace of mind.



Reduce your overall production cost

Eliminate costly inventory

Reduce your labor expenses (i.e. employee training, liability, payroll, etc.)

More time and freedom to focus on your business

High quality and consistency